2019 Countdown : On the Big Screen(s)

On the Big Screen(s)


In the last couple of years there’s been a handy large display alongside Court 7 which was used to show a combination of the Twitter updates, Live Scores and Streaming.

It’s still there, but for 2018 it was augmented by four giant, tall, touchscreen displays that provide similar functions, just bigger and better!


There are standard computers in the innards of these displays, so each one can show anything that’s produced on the site, social media and so so.

Most of the time screen 1 show the practice court schedule, screen 2 has the full men’s and women’s  draws, screen 3 has the realtime twitter feed and screen 4 has the Live Scores.


They’ve proven a great hit with players and spectators alike, and the ability to quickly whizz up and down the feeds, to press on any photos to expand, or to navigate the site and blog is really, really good.

The only downside is that if the screen gets takes too far off its standard display, reaching up to the tabs and control at the top is a bit of a stretch (and impossible for some we won’t mention).


There are other screens scattered around the club showing schedules, advertising and a host of other info. Great idea HKFC, great idea.

Talking of screens, we’ll be streaming Court Seven again this year, with a new app that allows us to put a scoreboard on the screen … watch out for that !